Dean Tamagno is South African born, Emerging artist from Bristol UK, Aged 23  is only at the start of his creative journey. From the age of 11, his passion and knowledge of music has never disappeared and is only growing. A 2:1 Degree in Music Production. Dean's Spark of madness is forever sparking and exploring unique concepts, original solutions searching for opportunities to have creative free-dome to innovate.



With a new found love for techno within the last 2 years, he is embarking on a journey to bring his own hybrid 'Dmango' sound of Techno. His productions are made to give you that dirty bass face feeling some would describe as industrial sound tracks. Inspired by a lot of artists and genres.

Highly energetic, industrial quality Techno made to send your fists pumping.


As a creative, he has been on many commissioned artist programs, with one in 2019 run his own event in a Police cell basement where showcased his music accompanied by self-made visuals. He has been seen Pre-Covid 2020 supporting the likes of David Temessi and Tony Romanello already.

Exploring Visual art and being a Visual Jockey (VJ) allows me to communicate my music through Video in a bespoke vision that incorporates my favourite colours black and white. Using videos collected on my phone to professionally filmed industrial videos of iconic Bristol. VJing is just like DJing and allows videos/photography to be manipulated, in endless creative ways. Like making local graffiti art come to life.

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