siren av set @colston hall, bristol march 2020

The Commision was part of a collection of Musical Bristol Artists. The performance took place in Colston Halls Foyage performance space. The aim of the funding of the project was to develop me as an artist. It gave me the platform to present and perform the music I make as an emerging Electronic music producer live to a wider audience. The performance was a Computer Music Performance. In the lead up to the Performance this was the first time exploring Visuals professionally, using the VJ software Resolume. Abstract bristol was the concept.

the fish installation @We The Curious bristol July 2019

The Fish Installation was a commissioned exhibition whilst working for the Creative Youth Network as a freelancer as a part of the Creative Futures Program, which was partnerships together with We The Curious Bristol. As a soundscape artist, I participated in an exciting partnership with We The Curious. This involved working in a creative team with 4 others, whose art forms were poetry, music composition, film-maker and animator. We created an interactive art installation together, which was used to illustrate the damage humans are doing to our oceans. This was on display to the public as part of an evening social Event called - After Hours (Earth 18+).


LOCKDOWN STUDIOS @the Island Bristol June 2019

Screenshot 2019-10-23 at 11.30.12.png

Whilst participating with Creative Futures I organised and set up an event, which I designed to exclusively showcase my own niche music. This was held in the unusual venue of old police cells- Lockdown Studios (The Island club venue Bristol). The exclusively chosen dark industrial venue accompanied by my individual quirky sound created an unparalleled atmosphere. This was the first time I played with visuals as to go along with my performance- I really had fun playing experimenting in final cut pro and had random fun visuals of sloths to neurons to thunder lightning bolts. This was groundbreaking for me as this was the first time I've ever played my own music in front of friends, family and strangers.