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Live AV Performance 

December 2022

The Crown In Tavern, Bristol

As the music played, the visuals on the screen began to change and evolve. I used Resolume Arena software to manipulate the visuals in real-time and ensured that they were perfectly in sync with the music. The visuals included flying mangoes and other psychedelic elements that moved in time with the music. The bright flashing projections worked so well that it worked as natural club lighting in the venue, and there was no need for a lighting engineer.- seen in the video below.

As DJ I am welcoming the audience into my world as a music producer. As a DJ, I feel it is only right to pick and choose music that works with my music and tell a story of the combination of artists that influence the music I produce. The set, at times it was intentionally harsh on the listener's ears. The choice of music pushed the boundaries of mainstream electronic dance music. My live DJ set in explored different styles and subgenres of industrial music; Electronic Body Music; African Gqom; Hard Techno; Industrial Techno; Break Beats, and experimental club music. 

One of the unique aspects of industrial music is the symbiosis between artists and machines. These blank-slate machines allow us to create from a blank canvas. This blank canvas allows for endless creativity where we can develop our unique worlds, giving us the power to create and tell complete stories in our way. 

The immersive audio-visual performance, I was incredibly proud to see my vision come to life. The performance featured a combination of live video footage, pre-recorded video, and abstract visuals, all of which were projected onto a large screen—creating an immersive environment. 


As an electronic industrial musician, I always look for new and exciting ways to incorporate abstract concepts into my performances. The music and visuals were inspired by industrial music and the future. Techno-music visuals use bright, bold colours to create a sense of excitement and energy, and they can help enhance the overall visual experience.

I understand that industrial music is intentionally harsh on the ears and as a DJ, I feel it is only right to pick and choose music that works with my music, and tell a story of the combination of artists that influence me musically.

As seen above- The performance incorporates live webcams to add extra interactivity and immersion. The live webcams added an extra layer of engagement, as the audience members could see themselves on the screen as the music played. I created a seamless and dynamic experience for the audience by syncing the live webcams with electronic industrial music.

Electronic industrial music provided a powerful and intense soundtrack.  Where I mixed my own music was mixed with dance-focused electronic music. Here is a clip where I played a Music Video for a track called 'Siren' which was triggered live in time with the track.

Overall, I was thrilled with the response to the performance. The audience seemed to be fully engaged and immersed in the experience, and I received many positive comments and feedback afterwards. 

The below track is experiment explorin playing African Gqom music for the first time live. A huge musical influence for me. You can see funny traditianal african dancing visuals on the screen.

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