Dmango Visual    Collaboration with Nick Bignall- COSMIC LOTUS

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"The name of this piece is Cosmic Lotus. It’s something of a sonic mandala and a testament to the natural progression of life and the universe, where greatness comes from the worst of situations. Where order and chaos are at constant odds, yet they somehow balance each other out.


When speaking of motion, Newton said that “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” and beautiful flowers grow from mud. More specifically, the lotus flower grows from swamps. I chose the name Cosmic Lotus, where the flower represents us, the journey takers going through life, and Newton’s proposal represents how the life journey progresses.


Another famous scientist, Einstein, suggested that wormholes are theoretically possible. Along this voyage, there will be wormholes to go through that transport the journey taker to another world, of which this piece has three that we travel through consecutively in a first person perspective." Nick Bignall 

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