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Working with Space Pope Junior was a fantastic experience. He is a talented artist, and his music is truly unique. The blend of electronic and orchestral sounds created a sense of mystery and wonder that perfectly complemented the visuals.  The music itself was also captivating, and it was clear that the artist had put much thought into the compositions. 

The music and visuals worked so well together. As the VJ I worked with the artist playing his music videos in time to his tracks. Made up of a full Techno-inspired section to ambient productions and bright-coloured visuals. The performance featured cosmic visuals of spaceships' journey across the stars of interstellar space. Examples of video animations can be seen on the right. The performance was truly breathtaking, and the visuals perfectly complemented the music as the spaceship travelled through the vast expanse of space.

The audience was completely absorbed in the experience, and I received many positive comments afterwards. It was a reminder of the power of collaboration and the magic that can happen when two artists come together to create something special.

Space Pope Junior


Following his cosmic journey across interstellar space, SPJ is now exploring Planet Earth, learning about its music and sharing his music along the way. 🌍

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Space Pope Junior on an audio-visual performance. As the VJ, I controlled the visuals in time for his DJing. The performance featured animations that were pre-recorded music videos that depicted a journey through interstellar space.

His music and music videos tell stories of travelling the music of the world, Spaceships flying through stars and galaxies. He also has a unique production style and tells stories behind his music. His music videos are made of epic animations, which can be seen in the links below.

I felt like I was controlling the spaceship, controlling how fast it went in time to the music he played. It felt like a metaphor for the artist's musical journey. At the end of the performance, his spaceship touched down to earth, travelling around the world and dancing with people. I dubbed Vj loops over his set and added delayed colours to his white animations to give his performance some colour.

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